Hey there, I’m 
Hi there, I’m JZ. I often work with driven, soulful career women or business owners who feel stuck, unfulfilled and worthy of earning more and unleashing more.

I believe every woman has a zone of genius - talent, trait, story or skill - to gift to the world, that can also be monetised.

I also believe every woman should have the right to be financially independent so that her self expression, freedom, time with family and lifestyle is not restricted by financial constraints. 

My vision is a world where every woman has unleashed her unique inner genius and achieved true independence.

Jess has been mentoring me in my digital business for the last 6 months. Her leadership and guidance has been beyond my expectations and has allowed me to leap forward in a career i had previously known nothing about. I can’t thank her enough for giving me the confidence and knowledge I needed to move forward. She is patient, thorough but most of all a BOSS. Thank you Jess.I love this journey with you! 

Stav Hatchett
Business Owner and Entrepreneur 

Jessica has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking and it has had such an incredible impact not only within my business but also in my personal life. Jess is such an incredible mentor that is filled with passion, which reflects in her work. Anyone that has the pleasure of working with this goddess is in for a total lifestyle overhaul.
I am forever grateful for the impact she has and continues to have in my life.

Amanda Gorgone
SAHM and Online Business Owner

Jess has been mentoring me through my online business and the energy and guidance I receive from her is out of this world !Jess gives clear, easy instruction with such a personal genuine approach.
 I love being able to work with Jess and appreciate everything she does for those she works with.

Alice Agostino
Spiritual Boss Babe and Salon Manager